Depression in 2016?

The world will head into the greatest depression we have ever seen between 2016 to 2020, worst than all other depressions added together, based on the cycles of master forecaster W.D.Gann.Thanks to Labour we will go to a deeper DEPRESSION than if the liberals were in, because they had followed Gann’s statement “PREPARE FOR THE WORST AND DON’T HAVE TO FACE THE WORST”. You have to get ready now; you can’t do anything in 2016 it’s too late. Just off load all your assets to labour voters and you will be fine. You needed to have cash reserves, which is what the Liberals’ had. D.DUR (someone’s name spell backwards).All the liberals have to do is bring in a flat tax, reduce government size, cut out handouts to losers and they will be back in.

You must understand that all BOOMS are done out of easy credit and BUSTS by tightening credit. No booms are very done from savings. These are always done in the right TIME CYCLES so you get maximum effect so the MASSES suffer. (Then sell them drugs because they are stressed and depressed, it’s all a big game).This will be the worst depression because it’s the first one since coming off the gold standard.The Governments and banks are running the biggest PONZI SCHEME going, robbing Peter to pay Paul and you think BERNIE MADOFF was bad?

The US Federal Reserve is not owned by the US government, it’s owned by the banks. Members of the BILDERBERG group owns the banks ( Also look at “The Obama Deception” and see who the members are!!

Money used to be backed by Gold called the Gold Standard which we fully disbanded in 1971 when Nixon was elected. This created inflation which sent the cost of goods sky high. Money was lent out at 10 to 1 and in the last 10 years 50,100 etc to 1 or more. What does this mean? It works like this, the Federal Reserve prints $100 for 6 cents, lends to the bank at say 4% which is then lent out to credit card at 19% or more. Now 6 cents into $19 (19% on $100, had to put this here labour voters can’t use a calculator until the education revolution kicks in, once they get educated they will then vote liberals) is 316% return. Times that by 50 or more (the ratio lent out plus costs on top of that) and you are looking anything from 16,000% to 30,000% return per/year. On the other hand people should be responsible themselves and not borrow money; you should have no debt and a year’s wages in the bank in case you lose your job. Proverbs “The borrower is always a servant to the lender”.

As Groucho Marx (1895-1977) “BANKS LEND YOU AN UNBRELLIA WHEN THE SUN IS SHINNING AND WANTS IT BACK WHEN IT’S RAINING”. As Gann said “Study human nature and see what fools these mortals will be”!! There’s a lot out there. Because we don’t have a Federal Reserve we just can’t keep printing money, we have to borrow, now 10% on the 300 billion is 30 billion per/year. When we go to 18% its 54 billion per/year. We had 90 billion of debt and 18% interest rates. Now we have 360 billion of debt,
which is four times. 18% times four equals? Yes 72% interest rates, those labour voters must be proud of themselves. I only buy products from liberal voters companies. Interest rates have been to 145% in the US in the 1890s, maybe ours will go 30, 40 or 50%, they went to 30% in NZ in the 80s because the country was so badly run, but time will tell in this down turn which is due to last more than 12 years. Now TAXES will go up on investment properties, shares, electricity, rates and a big jump in G.S.T.Labour will do this because of the 300 billion spend up, this is because they gave incentives to people who can’t create anything, no wonder business is going to India and china. The wool industry stored wool for 12 years and still went broke. All these handouts are doing is storing debt, it won’t work. Storing costs money. All the States that are run by labour are busted as well. Of course when taxes go up, more business will fail making the debt even worst, putting labour voters out of work. The reckless spending by labour will
help liberal businesses put money away ready for the collapse. Liberals voters must save there money. What is Labours education revolution?

“If you spend more than you earn, you will go broke”!! $1 in, $5 out, what does that equal??This could be a revolution!!But I’m not sure. I will have to wait to get the answer on broadband!!

The printing of money at the rate the US Federal Reserve is will cause HYPER-INFLATION as what happened in Germany 1923 ( people who protected their wealth in 1923 and got out before it all collapsed invested in rare coins (, stamps, investment art because paper notes became worthless. This will cause the US Bond market to collapse and in turn the stock market. They will probably create a new currency to hide the fraud they have created.

Who believes INFLATION is at 2%? What has happened is that governments around the world have taken food and oil out of the index since 1992, the things the inflation is calculated on. Oil rose from $10 a barrel in 1999 to $150 in 2007, that’s 30% compounding every year for 8 years.Also in the index is not showing a rise in government charges or taxes. Go to for a true indication. The reason government did this was so the workers (labour voters) wouldn’t ask for a pay rise and the companies make more profits, sorry the CEOs.

Because there is more debt than there is cash, and if everyone wanted to pay you debt off today it couldn’t be done, don’t believe me, try and pay all your debt off today. You are always going to get bankruptcies as well as a lot of late payments with this monetary system we have.

There goes the first home buyer, about to become the first home sellers!!This will cause a fall of more than 80% in real-estate. Banks should not lend out money without a 35% deposit and based on one income not two; this was the case 30 years ago. As the price houses go up the deposits should increased to 50% or higher as we close to another top in the market. You won’t see these prices in your life again. I wouldn’t touch real-estate with a barge pole, plus it only return 3.75% gross compounding over 30 years anyway. I guess the liberal voters are happy because they sold their homes to the Labour voters at the top and made a killing.

THE STOCK MARKET is another PONZI SCHEME where companies issue stock to the public to get interest free money as they can’t borrow from the bank. Lately they have been issuing more shares at a discount because they have run out of money. Expect the all ords to go below 280 by 2020. I haven’t owned a share for 18 years. Two of the greatest traders in the world W.D.Gann and Jessie Livermore never invested in the share market.W.D.Gann preferred to trade commodities as they were the necessities of life. No one needs a stock to live. A lot of companies are poorly run, with C.E.Os well over paid, they travel first class, dine at the best restaurants, have credit cards etc all coming from share holders money. The management should be on no more than $50,000 and get bonuses only after the company has a debt equity of 20/80% and the share holders gets double the yearly bank bill rate as a return.

Remember a lot of people work for companies because they can’t make it in their own business and the same with a lot of government people, that’s why they stuff things up. A lot of people are going to lose all there super if in the share market. The money hasn’t been lost in the stock market it just changed hands, went from liberal voters to labour votes. The smart money got out at the top. Remember the band was still playing as the Titanic went down!!

Because commodities will rise only because of the falling US dollar farmers will need to hedge their import costs. LEARNING TO TRADE COMMODITIES WILL BE ONE OF THE FEW HEDGES. Go to SCHOOL OF GANN ( and “Your Trading Edge”.
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