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The SCHOOL OF GANN was created to teach the true methods of W.D.Gann (featured right), from the foundations through to the complex courses.

The art of learning is to learn a little bit at a time, and the structure of the school is set up in this way. Each student should start at the beginning and slowly work, his/her way through the course so that over time the rules and methods stay embedded within the student.

It is recommend that you start with the “Home Study Course” and spend a few years perfecting this before moving on to the “Mastering Markets Workshop”. The reason for this is that the human mind can’t retain information in a short period of time. The “Home Study Course” will also determine who is cut out to be a trader and whether the W.D.Gann methodologies are the best mastery in which to pursue this career.

I have been using and studying the methods of W.D.Gann since 1983 and it took me over 10 years full time to work out what Gann was doing, so I know what it takes to become competent in his methods.

A lot of people market Gann, and have large marketing companies to promote his methods. Most of these people have never traded and have never put much time in studying Gann the way I have.

The SCHOOL is not set up to market Ganns methods as you can tell by the time restrictions and the limited number of people that can attend workshops.

No other company is set up this way.If other companies are doing more than two workshop a year they are making money out of education, not trading/investing. If there is full page advertising, they are into marketing so be careful.

When you purchase one of the courses you will be on the journey to greater understanding and knowledge that will bring you success in the future.

I have been using W.D.Gann methods since 1983, and they have changed my life.

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