Methodology (W.D. Gann)

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W.D.Gann Methodology is based on a lot of common sense with the main factor called “Time”. You must only act at the correct time under the current cycle you are in. Most people don’t understand the secret time factor which he coded in his books. I have been working on his “Time factor” since 1983. All these people who have been to university, have degrees are the same people that sent the world into a financial meltdown. Not I or my clients lost a cent in the collapse.

These people had no idea what was happening or more importantly what is going to happen next. As Gann said “prepare for the worst and you don’t have to face the worst”. Even a squirrel prepares for the winter, not humans, they are to dumb. Gann said “study human nature and see what fools these mortals will be”. If you want to make it, stop acting like a human.
The five main Principles of W.D.Gann

1. Health: - This is the most important, HEALTH IS WEALTH. No point having millions of dollars if you are working twelve hours per/day, all you are doing is filling in time before you hit the grave. You should be spending one to two hours per/day on health and fitness, and of course three months off on holidays so you relax and relieve any stress you may have. Humans aren’t meant to work, no other animal does. They look healthier and less stress than humans, just go down to any shopping centre and look at that mean machine called a human. Hardly looks like a Rolls Royce.

2. Knowledge: - Knowledge is the next most important to health, without knowledge you can’t gain wealth or health. Most of the masses guess and then look for answers once it’s all goes wrong. A wise man investigates then act, a fools just acts. “Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding”- Proverbs.

3. Capital: - Without capital you can’t invest or trade. If you borrow, you should pay off all debts as fast as possible and build up cash reserves for times of panics and depressions. Because the mechanics of money can’t work in the long term you are better to be like a bank and have money on deposit to lend to those fools who keep borrowing for over inflated assest.Borrowing money to just buy assets anywhere in the asset cycle will be doom to fail. The more stuff you own the more costs to hold, maintain and the more time it takes of your life. Life is what you are running out of.

4. Patience: - Waiting is something that most people can’t do. They get impatience, act to early or too late and then spend the next ten years trying to fix up a mess. If you want to create a job this way then go right ahead. While you are waiting your cash is earning interest, sometime good interest. Time cycles tell you when to act if you understand what cycle you are in.

5. Nerve: - Without nerve you can’t act, some people have too much nerve and act to quickly hoping to make a big killing. This turns to fear when it all goes wrong. Fear comes from the lack of knowledge. With knowledge you will have nerve to act correctly at the correct time.