About Commodity Hedging

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David Burton is the Managing Director of Commodity Hedging Co Pty Ltd. David's experience in commodities goes way back to 1983 when he started with an Asian futures broker based in Brisbane. In 1987 he started a job with the Cotton marketing board and worked there until he started his business in 1990.The cotton industry was one of the first to be deregulated in Australia and David’s job was to hedge currency and futures as well as educate growers on risk management.

The methods that David uses are nearly impossible to learn as they require complex cycle timing of the greatest forecaster of all time W.D.Gann which took David twelve years to decode. Having dealt with farmers businesses and hedging since 1987, David was able to develop a hedging program combined with time cycles, weather forecasting and strategies to cut down the risk to a very small amount.

When other advisers and farmers lost a combined $100 million in Western Australia alone in 2007, David clients received $600 a tonne with not a cent lost. Why? Because he forecast with the use of time cycles the high twelve years in advance in a public magazine in July 1996 called “Your trading edge”. No one ever makes public forecasts in writing, let alone that far in advance. They can’t do it.

David has made many public forecasts in advance as TIME CYCLES repeat and human nature doesn’t change. David also is the only person teaching the authentic methods of W.D.Gann in the world and developed his School of Gann in 2002. Visit  the School of Gann website for more information.